We know marketers have a lot on their plates supporting sales, engaging prospects and customers, and communicating the ongoing value that your company provides.

Reviews should be a supplement to all those efforts: A way to educate prospects, engage customers, represent your brand, and provide sales with powerful ammunition to differentiate from the competition.

Knowing how busy you are, we put together our best practices and tried-and-true resources for collecting reviews to save you from the planning stage. 

Everything you need to execute is included below, with minimum effort required from your team.


7 lessons from top rated companies to help you setup your review strategy for success 

  1. Invite your customer facing reps: Client facing reps have relationships with clients, so naturally their requests convert higher.  Teams who collaborated with at least 3 client service reps to gather reviews obtained on average 5x more reviews than those with only 1 Hotel Tech Report account manager.  
  2. Personalize your requests and leverage SmartLinks: Personalized review requests from client service reps converted the highest.  Personalize your subject line and message to make 
  3. Make it fun and motivate your team: Teams who gamified or incentivized review gathering for their customer success teams were all top performers (e.g. $50 Amazon card to the rep with the most reviews in a month).  Do this on a whiteboard in your office or upgrade to premium to unlock the team leaderboard (coming August 2018)
  4. Leverage SmartLinks to increase conversion: Its simple, the more fields in a form, the lower the conversion rate.  Limit the amount of steps, save your clients time and increase conversion rates by sending your requests through the dashboard.  Requests sent through the dashboard include SmartLinks that let users skip the login step increasing conversions.
  5. Send at least 2 reminders: Hoteliers are busy just like the rest of us so sometimes emails get missed.  Vendors who send 2 followups see 2x conversion rates.
  6. Don't just send requests to key contacts:  The more requests you send, the more reviews you'll get.  Make sure to not only send requests to key contacts at your client properties, but to all users of your product.
  7. Use an NPS tool to keep a pulse on customer satisfaction: Companies who monitor satisfaction internally are more confident in reaching out to their users for feedback.  Use an NPS tool like Delighted or GetFeedback or leverage the NPS functionality built right into the vendor dashboard (coming in August 2019, premium members only).


6-easy ways to gather reviews

  1. Invite your customer success team to help you get reviews
  2. Leverage the feedback manager and send smart requests via the vendor dashboard
  3. Create an in-app review link
  4. Run an internal review campaign or giveaway 
  5. Post on social media to get reviews from your customers
  6. Add a custom footer to your customer facing emails


A few helpful templates 😉

Email templates for both internal and external use
Phone scripts for account managers and customer facing teams
Social media images, graphics and post text

Step 1: Invite your team

Step 2: Add clients

Step 3: Send review requests

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