Followup with users who have been sent review requests but never left a review all at once to save time.


  • Keep it short: These users have already received a request from you so keep it a short and sweet reminder.

  • Make a compelling ask: This is a followup request so if they haven't left a review yet you'll want to 'up the ante'. Popular ways to increase incentive include giveaways and urgency triggers (view more best practices)

  • Send yourself a test prior to sending to check formatting: Make sure to send yourself a test email to make sure everything looks the way you want it to look for users (shown here)

  • Limit to 500/day: To make sure your followup isn't flagged for spam we recommend limiting your mass followup to a max of 500 emails/day.

Sample mass email template:

Subject: Will you leave a review for [INSERT_COMPANY]


Hi {{first_name}},

I just wanted to checkin and make sure my last email came through.

We're looking to collect feedback from [INSERT_COMPANY]'s top users and customers to improve the product so I was wondering if you'd be open to leaving a quick review when you have 5-minutes to spare?


I hope you had a great weekend and appreciate any feedback and insight you might be able to share.




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