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The case study builder is a feature that enables hotel tech companies to quickly and easily build beautiful, engaging and trustworthy case studies that get promoted on Hotel Tech Report.

The Challenge. Case studies are an extremely effective mode of content marketing that enable you to build trust with prospects by showing them proof of the results that you obtained with existing notable clients. The downside to case studies is that:

  • ⏰ Time consuming to produce. Producing even a single case study is extremely time consuming and requires complex coordination amongst your client, writers, graphic designers, editors, web developers and internal stakeholders.

  • πŸ€” Lack authority & trust. Since companies develop case studies about their own products, they carry an inherent bias that reduces their credibility with prospects who read them.

The Solution. The verified case study wizard enables your team to quickly and effortlessly create beautiful and engaging case studies by filling in the blanks. Case studies then get verified by hoteliers and hosted on Hotel Tech Report to increase credibility with prospects and make sure they get visibility with our audience.

πŸ‘‰ Why It's Important. Verified case studies are the first step towards increasing benefits based selling throughout the site to help hoteliers visualize and imagine the possibilities of leveraging digital products by seeing real examples of their peers who are using them and the outcomes they are achieving instilling urgency, trust and FOMO to drive adoption of tech in the global hotel industry.

1. How it Works

Step 1: Navigate to the content tab of the vendor dashboard and click the 'Create new case study' button

Step 2: Build your case study by filling in the blanks in the case study wizard

Want to collaborate with your team using a Google Doc? Download the template

Step 3: Once you've filled in the blanks, preview your case study

Step 4: Click the 'request verification' button on the final step of the wizard to send the quoted hotelier a link to verify their quote

Step 5: Verified case studies get promoted throughout the site, newsletter and social media to drive visibility and demand for your products

πŸ’‘ NOTE: Case studies only get published to the site and start counting towards your HT Score and ranking once they've been verified by the quoted hoteliers.

2. Cost

Case studies are the same amount of posting credits as a guest post

Credit Requirements

Basic Members

Included with membership

(5x post credits for additional)

3. Impact on Rankings

Verified case studies are one of the variables in the HT Score and do impact rankings based on the quantity of case studies you have relative to similar products in your respective category. You can check your progress via the Reputation Report Card.

4. Premium Member Benefits

In addition to getting posting credits included with all Premium Membership plans, Premium Members also get some additional features unlocked on their case studies to drive more visibility and enhanced branding:

  • Boosted visibility: Premium Member case studies get preferred placement in case study syndication site wide driving more visibility.

  • Remove competitors: Non-member case studies promote other similar case studies whereas Premium member case studies only show your companies case studies (view example)

  • Social & Newsletter Promotion: Premium Member case studies get promoted on HTR's social media and newsletter to drive additional visibility

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