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Premium Members can request an export of their reviews for internal company use and analysis including: customer sentiment analysis, client recovery efforts, feature request analysis, product roadmap development, sales/marketing collateral (w/HTR citation).

1. Requesting an Export of Your Reviews

To request an export of your reviews, please click the 'Request Export' button below and allow up to 48-hours for your request to be processed and receive your export.

*Please note that this feature is only available to Premium Members

  • Step 1: Submit a review export request (w/new data acknowledgements)

  • Step 2: Select your specific use case (for HTR to prepare your desired export file)

  • Step 3: Within 48-hours, you will receive a notification email with your requested export

2. Review Citation Requirements in Sales & Marketing Collateral

Reviews are a great asset to leverage in your landing pages, sales outreach and marketing collateral. In order to provide transparency to buyers, all reviews that have been verified and published by Hotel Tech Report must include a proper citation including:

  1. Review citation must include text reference of original source: 'Verified by Hotel Tech Report'

  2. Citation must link to your profile that contains the review being cited

  3. Review text may not be altered in any way

3. Pre-Formatted Exports for the Following Use Cases Are Available

πŸ“ˆ Track Customer Satisfaction/NPS Over Time

πŸ™Œ Extract Customer Quotes, Feature Requests & Product Highlights

🚨 Uncover Critical Feedback to Make Product Improvements

🚫 Find Out Who's Left Reviews to Add Them to External Suppression Lists

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