It's important to remember that reviews are a given user's opinion about a given company's products and services.

When leaving a review, the first question the user is required to answer is to select which product or products they would like to rate & review (related: Review syndication) and then they can leave text based qualitative feedback followed by quantitative ratings.

Step 1: Product Selection

Users select the products they have experience with and which they want to rate and review

Step 2: Qualitative Feedback

Users then can leave text based review about whatever is most relevant and helpful in their opinion about the products they chose to review.

Step 3: Quantitative Ratings

Users then can then leave ratings across key variables about the products they selected to review/leave feedback about.

What happens if a review looks like its about one product but is also showing on another product's profile?

In some cases, a user may select to rate multiple products but instead of leaving a lengthy holistic review of each product/service offering--they may only write about what is most top of mind to them.

Just because a user didn't write a detailed review of the functionality and benefits for each product they selected that they use, does not mean that the review is not valid or should be removed from the unmentioned product's profiles. The user explicitly stated that their opinion that they were about to share in the form of ratings+review was about each of the products they selected and the overall review is about their holistic experience with the given suite of products.

Needless to say, Hotel Tech Report is not able to reject users opinions as invalid unless they are in breech of our review guidelines nor are we able to alter user opinions/reviews in any way, shape or form which includes changing the products a user reviewed to be different than what the user selected when leaving their review.

The only situation in which reviews can be removed is if they are contested for being flagged as false or inaccurate. Additionally, if a customer would like to update their review they may.

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