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One of the annual member benefits with 3.0 membership is receiving review incentive cards to run giveaway campaigns with to increase conversion generate more reviews.

Why offer an incentive?

Unlike B2C review sites like Trip Advisor where users are cathartic about their experiences and leaving a review has intrinsic motivations of journaling/scrapbooking and share-ability (on social)--B2B reviews are asking customers to take time out of their work day to share their feedback to create business value for you (marketing & reputation value as well as product improvements value).

Running a giveaway campaign is a great way to gamify review collection, increase conversion and show your clients appreciation for them taking the time out of their day to share feedback about your offerings.

How does the incentive benefit work for annual members?

Annual membership packages come with review incentive cards that can be used in your review campaigns. While you can certainly use just the ones HTR provides, we recommend matching them to sweeten the pot and make the 'get' even incentivize and entice clients (ie. increase conversion on your campaigns).

  • Step 1: Setup your giveaway review campaign in the automated review manager (if you need help or want HTR to review your campaign setup for best practices, please feel free to reach out)

  • Step 2: After your campaign runs, reach out to HTR via the live chat to let us know that you would like to use your giveaway and let us know the title of the campaign you would like us to choose the winners at random from and the number of winners you would like selected

  • Step 3: HTR will select the winners at random based on the dates you mentioned (ie. users who leave a review between June 1-June 30) and notify you with the selected winners along with your gift cards

What are the minimum requirements for the campaigns?

  1. Campaigns must be run through the automated review manager. Please note that in order to use the gift card benefit the campaign must be run through the automated review manager where HTR can (a) ensure guidelines are followed (b) have transparency into campaign performance and (c) be able to select the winners/recipients at random after the campaign is run

  2. Minimum campaign size of 50 users. Since you will be offering an incentive you will want to maximize the incentive by running the campaign to as many users as possible. That said, campaigns must have a minimum of 50 users per $100 incentive card. Campaigns with less than 50 users in them will not be eligible for the review incentive benefit

  3. Review incentives must be a giveaway. Per the review incentive guidelines, incentives can only be offered as a giveaway (ie. 2 users who leave a review in the next 30-days will be selected at random to win 2x $100 gift cards = ALLOWED...Leave a 5-star review and we'll give you $25=NOT ALLOWED)

What gift cards are available to offer in our campaigns?

  • Basic giveaway gift cards: Amazon, Starbucks, Visa

  • Want to get more creative with your giveaway? If you want to pick something more unique, memorable and creative just reach out and ask via the live chat (we've never said no!). Some creative ideas from other companies for inspiration...Apple Airpods gift card, Massage gift card from Soothe, dinner at Nobu gift card, Instacart groceries gift card, AirBnB gift card

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