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Part II: Improving your reputation, rankings and visibility
Part II: Improving your reputation, rankings and visibility
Updated over a week ago

Now that you've set up the foundations for your presence on HTR in Part I, the good news is that those items are in 'set it and forget' it mode (unless you want to make small tweaks over time).

Now comes the most critical part, getting your review collection strategy in place.  While initial setup can take some trial and error, the good news is that it's super easy with the Automated Review Manager.

Remember, even beyond sales enablement, product feedback and online reputation building--reviews are absolutely critical to your success on Hotel Tech Report so make sure to take your time and implement a sustainable strategy following best practices to set your company up for success because more

Why Reviews Are So Critical...

More reviews ➡️ higher rankings ➡️ increased profile visibility ➡️ more leads

Need some help getting your review strategy setup?

Setup a test campaign and get it reviewed by the HTR team or schedule a coaching call with a member of the HTR team to share insights and best practices about what's worked well for similar companies to help determine which review tactics are best for you so you can gather the most reviews with the least effort 🙌

More Review Collection Strategies:

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