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How to use the team leaderboard to motivate your team

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How can Premium Members leverage the Review Manger to easily run a team campaign?

For Premium Members, there is an even easier and more automated way to setup a team review campaign, offer an incentive and automatically track all client outreach in the Premium Review Manager using the Team Leaderboard.  Using the team leaderboard in the Premium Review Manager, you can easily assign clients to their respective account manager or main contact and gain full visibility into which team members have reached out to which clients.  

  • How does the Team Leaderboard motivate your team to work together gather reviews (and even make it fun!)? The most successful companies gamify review gathering using the Team Leaderboard and offer an internal incentive to the employee that can gather the most reviews in a given time period

  • BONUS: Hotel Tech Report also offers $100 Amazon Giftcard to give away to the member of your team who gathers the most reviews: Hotel Tech Report even offers a subsidy of $100 gift card to Premium Members who want to try out this strategy and motivate their teams 

  • Below is a quick video of exactly how it works and how to setup your campaign: Scroll down to see a step-by-step 3-minute video tutorial showing you how to setup your team campaign and use the leaderboard

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