Free Partner Marketplace
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Your team spends lots of time and money building out integrations for your clients and you want to market these partnerships as much as you can to highlight your team's hard work and promote your partners.

You see some companies with fancy marketplace pages on their websites showcasing their integrations and wish you had one too but you just don't have the time or resources to build and maintain it...

Well, we've got good news for you can! 

Once you list your integrations on Hotel Tech Report you automatically get your own branded partner marketplace that automatically updates as you update your integrations on Hotel Tech Report.  

Add an 'integrations' or 'partner marketplace' link to your website's navigation and link to your shiny new partner marketplace that stays updated in real time to help clients and prospects find which products you recommend and which work best with your product (Bonus: Premium Members also get to brand their marketplace with a custom banner)

How do I find my free partner marketplace link to add to my website?

Navigate to one of your profiles and click 'Integrations' in the side bar.  Then click 'view more'  (ex.

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