One of the most common growth channels in the hotel tech ecosystem is through integrations and partnerships which is why HTR offers vendors the chance to advocate for their top partners on HTR through features like partner marketplaces and partner recommendations.

Now there is another tool in your HTR toolbelt to fuel your growth through partner favorites 🙌.

Favorite your top integration partners and the products you most recommend to your userbase that work seamlessly and add value for your customers to promote them automatically to users who leave a review for your products.

And the best part, reciprocity. When you favorite a partner they get notified and are likely to favorite you back to help you get promoted to your top partners' user bases and them promoted to yours.

How it Works

Step 1: Favorite up to 5 of your top integration partners that offer products that your team already highly recommends to your customers/users

Step 2: Upload a quick pitch about why you recommend their product and specifically why its a great fit for users of your product

Step 3: They'll get notified when you favorite them and you'll get notified if they favorite you back

Step 4: 24-hours after one of the partners who have favorited you leaves a review, a notification will go out recommending you as a popular product that is recommended for their company's users

3 Things to Keep in Mind

  • Default favorites. Until you customize your favorites for each of your products, by default favorites will be generated based on your verified integration partners.

  • Favorites by product. Each one of your products has its own favorites so make sure to customize relevant favorites for each product

  • Multi-product reviews. If a user leaves a review about multiple of your products, the favorites email logic will select only one of those products to send the favorites email about (so the user doesn't receive multiple duplicative emails)

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