How do I apply to get GCSC Certified?

Complete the GCSC application.

What is the process like to get certified and how long does it take?

Getting certified is pretty straightforward and takes approximately 2-3 weeks.  Once you’ve registered using the link below you’ll get access to the official application rubric.  Our team will review your application and we’ll schedule a certification interview to validate the data represented in the rubric.

What are the 'pillars' of the customer support certification?

  1. Pre-emptive Support: Self-service tools and processes to empower customers to easily find answers and troubleshoot issues.  Pre-emptive support leads to more satisfied customers and fewer support tickets.
  2. Reactive Support: Reactive support answers the question of when a customer has an issue, how can they get help? When can they get help? Which channels are available?
  3. Customer success/Coaching: Customer success & coaching are resources and processes dedicated to helping customers success with the product and become power users.
  4. Customer Validation: Customer validation serves as a check and balance that the support tools and processes in place are working and customer needs are met.

My company is a premium member, where can I find our discount code to waive the support certification fee?

If you are a Premium Member but don't have your code, please make sure to write in via the live chat on HTR before you complete the application.

How much does it cost to get certified? 

There is a one time certification fee of $2500 with an annual renewal of $500/year beginning in the 2nd year.  If you are a premium member, you are eligible to get the certification fees waived (see pricing table below) 

Can we leverage the certification in our sales and marketing to build trust with prospects?

Absolutely, here are some best practices for doing so.

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