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Once you have completed the application, you will then be sent your company's support certification rubric as well as instructions for how to prepare for your verification call.  The below video explains what you need to prepare prior to scheduling your verification call to ensure that your company is eligible to be certified.

Once you have filled in your company's certification rubric, please make sure to schedule your verification call via the link in your rubric.

A few other important things to note: 

  1. Make sure that you meet at least the Level I requirements and criteria (if there is any confusion about any of the rubric items please make sure to watch the explanation videos in the rubric prior to scheduling your verification call)

  2. Make sure you have access to all of the required systems for your verification call, or invite any team members required to the verification call (there is a $250/call charge for any additional verification calls that are required if we aren't able to verify all systems on the first call scheduled)

  3. Getting certified takes up to 3-weeks after your verification call has been completed

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