Your team spends lots of time, money, energy and creativity putting together content to educate buyers and capture leads.

As a Premium Member you're able to upload gated content to your premium profiles which also get syndicated to the report library to extend its reach and visibility.

This content must be (full guidelines at the bottom of the article)
(a) educational/helpful to buyers (eg. white papers, reports, ebooks, checklists, etc)
(b) non-self promotional in order to be approved

All downloads captured will be syndicated to the downloads tab of your vendor dashboard and can be exported as a csv to be added to your email list or nurture campaigns.

Where are reports distributed on the site?

Premium Member hosted reports/content are distributed to the following places on Hotel Tech Report: site wide search (shown here), your profiles (shown here), category pages (shown here), sub-category pages (shown here) and the resources library (shown here)..

How to Upload Hosted Reports & View Downloads

Additional restrictions and guidelines

Please remember that all reports, infographics and downloadable content hosted in the resources library is meant to be authentic, educational and non-self promotional.  The more valuable and helpful your content is, the more likely you are to leave a memorable brand impression and garner interest from the reader.  And remember, the more high quality and engaging your content, the more downloads you'll get. 

1.1 MUST cover a category or trend
1.2 MUST be educational and value add
1.3 MUST NOT specifically talk about your company, product or service
1.4 MUST be original content (syndication on your own website is permitted)
1.5 MUST NOT be syndicated on other industry sources or publications 

What if my content still hasn't been published?

All content goes through manual review and approval to ensure that it meet's Hotel Tech Report's content guidelines.  If the content meets HTR's guidelines, it will be published within 7-business days.  If your content fails to meet the guidelines, it will not be published and you will be notified along with recommendations for how to improve the content to meet the requirements to be eligible to be syndicated on HTR.

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out via the 24/7 live chat on

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