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Mergers & Acquisitions Handling on HotelTechReport
Mergers & Acquisitions Handling on HotelTechReport
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HotelTechReport has handled dozens of M&A events for clients before so rest assured - we'll make everything a smooth and easy process.

The first step to handling your HTR M&A questions is answering the following questions internally:

  1. Which products will continue to be sold and marketed independently?

  2. Which brand(s) will live on short-medium-long term? Will you be one brand or continue with multiple brands moving forward?

  3. Which users of NewCo would you like to access the new account?

  4. Are there any users that you need removed from either account?

Once you've sorted those questions internally the rest becomes simple in terms of profile handling on HotelTechReport. We'll use a couple real-life examples below to illustrate the possibilities.

M&A Examples & HTR Migration Strategies

Cendyn acquisition of Pegasus

HTR profile strategy:

  • Short term: 2x products from Pegasus were sunset. Remaining Pegasus products moved under the Cendyn company umbrella while retaining the Pegasus name.

  • Medium term: Pegasus products were renamed under the Cendyn brand (e.g. Cendyn CRS). All Pegasus CRS reviews remain since the Pegasus CRS is simply being sold under a new brand name but is still the pre-existing product.

ALICE acquisition of GoConcierge

  • Short term: GoConcierge product is sunset and reviews are lost since it is no longer being independently sold and marketed. Customers are migrated to ALICE Concierge product and new reviews must be gathered from those clients.


Which reviews can I keep?

The most important thing is that hoteliers are presented with accurate and trustworthy information. False advertising is prohibited on HotelTechReport and therefore only reviews may be kept of a product that will continue to be sold and marketed independently. If a company changes the brand name of a product those reviews may be kept. Ask yourself: what specific code base was the user leaving a review about? In the example of ALICE and GoConcierge above, while it's painful to lose valuable reviews, ALICE understood it would have been unethical and misleading to have reviews about GoConcierge on a profile for ALICE Concierge which is why they understood why HotelTechReport admin could not migrate them.

What if I now have multiple products in the same category?

Companies are not permitted to have multiple products within a single category on Hotel Tech Report. If you are operating the acquisition target as a standalone subsidiary then it will need to have its own company dashboard and be treated on the platform as a separate company/subsidiary (think SiteMinder + Little Hotelier).

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