Every great innovation in history started with a young startup company. The problem is that young companies are resource constrained and launching a product in the world of hotel tech is particularly challenging to compete with entrenched competitors who have much larger sales and marketing budgets.

That's why HTR offers Early Stage plans for eligible companies to help bring more innovation to the industry by enabling young companies to leverage the largest audience of hotel tech buyers on the web to educate buyers, build their brand and grow their install base 🚀

The purpose of Early Stage plans is to help startups maximize investments in R&D and make marketing more accessible to prove out their concepts so please make sure your company is eligible prior to applying.

The Early Stage Plan is automatically unlocked in the vendor dashboard for 1-year if your company meets any of the eligibility criteria below. Companies can remain on the Early Stage Plan for up to 2-years, but must apply after the first year to verify eligibility.

Eligible startups get access to most of HTR's Members only Premium features, benefits and exclusive discounts at 50% discounted pricing while you get your startup off the ground, gain traction and prove out your concept.

Early Stage Membership Terms

  • Must meet early stage eligibility requirements (see below)

  • Must apply each year to verify eligibility

  • Early stage plans only eligible for a maximum of 2-years

Early Stage Plan Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for the early stage plan, your company:


Early stage. Less than 2 years old


  1. Funding. Less than $1M in funding

  2. Small team. Fewer than 10 employees

  3. Limited install base. Must have fewer than 25 hotel clients

  4. New customer. Must not currently be an HTR customer

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