Link Pre-Filling
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The first question that a user fills out is selecting which of your products they would like to review allowing them to leave one review that counts towards multiple products. For companies with lots of products or if you have segments of your customers that only use one of your products, you can send targeted campaigns using the Pre-Filled Links feature in the automated review manager.

✅ You have lots of products and you want to pre-fill the link for users to save them time and increase conversion

✅ You want to run product specific review campaigns to targeted segments of users that use a specific product or products (ie. send a campaign to only users of your booking engine)

Here's how it works...

Users can select which of your products they use and would like to leave a review about

That way they don't have to leave multiple reviews, but rather can review each of your products with a single review

If you have lots of products or want to run more targeted campaigns, you can do so using the pre-filling feature in the Automated Review Manager to select the products for the user

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