Including a giveaway incentive like an Amazon or Starbucks Gift card or a pair of AirPods can be a great way to incentive and thank users to leave a review as long as the giveaway follows HTR's giveaway guidelines.


  1. Why incentives are beneficial when trying to gather B2B reviews

  2. Guidelines for running a giveaway campaign

  3. Step-by-step guide to setting up and launching your giveaway campaign

  4. Giveaway campaign FAQs

I. Why incentives are beneficial when trying to gather B2B reviews

In the B2B world incentives are more common than in the B2C space and we highly encourage them (even if its just a little something). On B2C sites like TripAdvisor, consumers find reviewing cathartic and empowering and view it as a scrapbooking or knowledge sharing tool to share with their friends on social channels (eg. show off your latest vacation/hotel experience). That said, reviewing B2B software companies isn't quite as fun as you might imagine (especially when you're swamped at work), so offering an incentive giveaway is a great way not only to gamify review collection and increase conversion, but also to say thank you and show appreciation to your customers for taking time out of their busy day to share their feedback.

Offering customers something in exchange for taking time from their busy days is a respectful gesture in the B2B world while making it a bit more fun for them giving them a reason to leave a review.

II. Guidelines for running a giveaway campaign:

As a basic rule, indirect incentives may be offered to increase the conversion rate on review campaigns; however, in no event may direct incentives be offered in a way that might manipulate or bias reviews.

✅ What is permitted?

  1. Giveaway: A giveaway can be run with an incentive

  2. Must be randomized: Winner selected from the giveaway must be selected at random

  3. Charitable donations are permitted: While offering payment to users for leaving a review is not permitted (per guideline #1), what is permitted is offering a donation to a pre-approved 501c3 charitable cause.

    1. Example 1) "For every review we collect between now and the end of the month, we will be donating $Z to [charitable cause]."

    2. Example 2): "As a part of our feedback collection efforts, we're running a campaign to raise money for [charitable cause]. For every review left between now and the end of the month, we'll be donating $Z to [charitable cause. We appreciate your your feedback to help us make the [your company] experience even better for customers like you and help us reach our campaign goal of raising $A for [charitable cause]."

❌ What is NOT permitted?

  1. Pay-per-review: Pay-per-review is not permitted under any circumstances.

    1. ex) "Write a review, get a $20 gift card"

  2. No influence over review content: Vendors are not permitted to suggest incentives for high ratings under any circumstances. Giveaways must be unbiased and randomized.

    1. ex) "Leave a 5-star review to get entered to win"

    2. ex) "Leave a positive review to get entered to win"

III. Here's how to easily run a giveaway campaign through the review manager

🎁 Decide your incentive and campaign duration
📝 Add your incentive to your campaign templates
💬 Notify HTR when your campaign ends to pick winners

🎁 Step 1: Decide your incentive and campaign duration

  • Incentive: How many giveaways will you offer and what will they be for? Are you going to offer 2 x $100 Amazon gift cards or 20 x $5 Starbucks gift cards? Or do you want to get more creative with your giveaway and pick something more unique, memorable and creative just reach out and ask via the live chat (we've never said no!). Some creative ideas from other companies for inspiration...Apple Airpods gift card, Massage gift card from Soothe, dinner at Nobu gift card, Instacart groceries gift card, AirBnB gift card

  • Duration: Setting a duration increases urgency and thus conversion. Pick a date within the near future with which you will run your campaign that you can communicate in your review request messaging

Ex) "We are giving away 3 x 1-hour massage gift cards to clients who leave a review between now and June 15th..."


  • Think about your company and what makes the most sense for you. Then think about your users and what will motivate them the most to tailor your incentive for your audience

  • When deciding between (a) lots of small gift cards or (b) a handful of larger ones, 'b' pretty much always wins (people are generally risk seeking for gains so you want to make the offer enticing and valuable enough to make it worth their time)

📝 Step 2: Add your incentive to your campaign templates

Head to reviews --> templates in your dashboard to customize your 'initial outreach' and '7-day campaign followup' templates making sure to keep it short and sweet and also to include information about your giveaway (💡 Review Campaign Templates)

💬 Notify HTR when your campaign ends to pick winners

When your campaign is over, complete the giveaway selection form for HTR to select your winners at random for you.


What are some of the features available to help run a giveaway campaign through the Review Manager for Premium Members?

Premium Members have access to additional features that enable you to run a giveaway campaign seamlessly through the review manager.

  1. Upload a csv of the users you want to include in the giveaway campaign

  2. Customize your templates for your automated campaign to include information about your giveaway

  3. Launch your automated campaign in the review manager in the vendor dashboard

  4. As reviews come in, Premium Members can see who the reviewers are in the 'Inbox' tab that is unlocked

  5. Select a winner at random and notify them by responding to their review or emailing the client directly from the review manager

  6. Run an internal contest

How can I report a review incentive infraction?

What is a prohibited incentive?

Please report all infractions to site moderators via [email protected] or via live chat for the review to be taken down immediately. Infractions include but are not limited to the following examples:

  • Moderate infraction: Direct incentives are strictly prohibited on Hotel Tech Report and are a violation of our community guidelines. For example, a vendor may not say "Write a review, get a $20 gift card".

  • Severe infraction: A severe infraction would consist of a request that directly attempts to manipulate reviews (e.g. "Write a 5-star review, get $20).

What happens when a breach of terms is reported?

Firstly and most importantly, any review associated with a breach of terms is removed upon the user's request and notification. If the user provides evidence of the breach the vendor will be given a warning. If more evidence is uncovered of continued breaches, Hotel Tech Report reserves the right to penalize vendors by flagging any suspicious reviews as potentially biased, deducting a penalty from the vendor's score and displaying a warning message on the vendor's profile to indicate the breach for a period of up to 12-months depending on the severity and intent of the breach.

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