Annual buyers guides can be translated into additional languages to localize content better for regional marketing.

  1. Submit payment: Click the link below to select your turnaround time and translation preference

  2. Fill in your template: Make a copy (file-->make a copy) of the buyer's guide translation template in Google Slides and watch the instructional video to fill it in with your translations

  3. Notify HTR when you are finished: When you have finished adding translations to your copy, notify Hotel Tech Report via the on-site live chat and we will begin producing the translated version and notify you as soon as it is ready based on the turnaround time you selected (standard is 14-business days)


Can HTR provide the original source/design file for companies to edit?

We are unable to offer design files on annual buyer's guides.  All guides are designed by hand in Sketch which means that if they were to be changed by any 3rd party it would alter the design & branding and would be against our brand usage guidelines.  Any and all alterations to Hotel Tech Report content must be made by and approved by Hotel Tech Report to ensure that all branding and visuals remain true to the original.

How does pricing work for translations and what is it for?

Pricing for translations starts at $500/translation with standard 14-day turnaround time and a single round of revisions included.  There are additional charges for rush delivery (+$250), hiring translation services (+$1500) and additional rounds of revisions (+$250/round).

The translation fee goes towards auditing all translations and hand mapping them into the guide and making sure that aesthetics of the guide are tweaked to ensure visual aesthetics are maintained.

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