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Once the Hotel Tech Report team has finished designing and producing the draft of your buyer's guide, we will send along your draft via Dropbox PDF.  If you have missing information or would like to make any edits, please make sure to do so by following the steps below to ensure that your revisions are incorporated into the final version.

Please follow the following process if you have any revisions or edits to your buyers guide draft:

  • Step 1: Make sure you have a Dropbox account.  If you don't have one, please create a free account

  • Step 2: Click the link that you received to the draft of your buyers guide that was sent to your email.

  • Step 3: Review the draft of your buyer's guide and click to comment right in the Dropbox file in areas where you would like to make revisions, or if you had any missing content from your questionnaire that you would now like to submit.
     (note: it is very important that you comment in the Dropbox pdf and do not make your own copy of it so that HTR can see your comments)

Buyers guide revision process FAQs

How many rounds of revisions are offered?
Buyers guide sponsors may submit ONE round of revisions to be implemented within the revision period time window.  Once you notify HTR that your revisions are completed, your guide will be finalized and published to HTR and you will be sent your hard copy.

What if I want to make multiple rounds of revisions?
Additional rounds of revisions are offered at $200 per additional round of revisions which takes approximately 1 hour.

Do I have to make my revisions via Dropbox comments?
Yes.  It is extremely important that you follow the revisions process to ensure that your revisions are implemented in a timely fashion.  

Why is Hotel Tech Report so strict with the revisions process?
Hotel Tech Report designs and produces all buyers guides by hand (vs. using standard powerpoint or presentation software). The benefit of this is higher quality design and production of the content, the downside is that revisions and adding links to guides are extremely time consuming.  As such we have strict processes in place in order to guarantee timely turnaround and delivery.

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