Creating content is expensive and time consuming which is why HTR Premium Members benefit from turnkey content creation and distribution.  

In this article, we'll outline:

  1. How to get the most out of your Hotel Tech Report content plan by syndicating your coverage to your own website 

  2. Outline important guidelines to help you maximize traffic and avoid technical SEO issues and content credit penalty

  3. Learn how Hotel Tech Report can drive additional traffic and visibility to your repost

1. Syndicate content coverage to your own website

Think of HTR's content coverage as an extension of your own internal content team.  Start by reposting the article you've been covered in to your company's website.  This helps deliver high value content to your blog readers without incurring any additional cost.


2. Content reposting guidelines

In order to avoid getting dinged by Google for having duplicative content you'll just need to cite HTR as the original source at the top of the article like this and insert the code: rel="canonical" before the link.

  • Required citation format for republishing:

  • Backend:

<link rel="canonical" href=""
  • Front end: This article was originally published on Hotel Tech Report

  • H1 tag and social share must have the article title in it as well as the original share image.

Detailed Instructions: 

  1. Add 'Front end' into blog post

  2. Enter developer or HTML mode

  3. Search (CTRL+F) for the source link

  4. Add the <link rel="canonical" tag berfore the 'href' section of the link


Once you've posted the syndicated content just send us the link to your repost via live chat on Hotel Tech Report letting us know that the piece has been published.  We'll then share your content with our social media following consisting of 5,400+ Twitter followers and 2,500+ LinkedIn followers.  We'll also feature your version in our monthly newsletter.  

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