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Customize Your Metrics
Customize Your Metrics

Generate automated lead revenue, deal size & ROI estimates

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This article explains each of the lead metrics and how the calculator works including:

I. What are the metrics and how are they calculated

๐Ÿ“ˆ Metric

๐Ÿงฎ How its calculated

The total # of leads that have been generated for your company

= Count (accepted + declined + missed + expired)

The # of leads that your company has accepted

= count (accepted leads)

The # of leads that your company has not accepted

= Sum (Missed + Declined + Expired)

The avg. price for leads your company has accepted

*please note that avg. CPL can only be calculated for leads accepted after the new lead inbox was rolled out in Sept '21

= Average price (accepted leads)

Each lead has an estimated deal size based on your company's input metrics. The revenue estimate takes the average deal size (mid-point of the deal size range) and multiplies that times your avg. lead-to-close rate

= Sum (avg. deal size) x lead-to-close rate

ROI is the amount of revenue your company is expected to generate relative to the amount you spent to purchase those leads and is based on your companies personalized customizable metrics.

*please note that ROI can only be calculated after the new lead inbox was rolled out in Sept '21

= Revenue estimate / Total Spend

The amount your company would have saved (or did save) with the Premium Member discount applied for leads over the trailing 12-months (TTM) for all leads generated.

= (Total cost of all leads generated in the last 12-months at non-member pricing) - (Total cost of all leads generated in the last 12-months at discounted member pricing)

Based on your company's personalized metrics, each lead will automatically get a potential deal size range

= (Avg. /month/room revenue) x (Avg. Lifetime in months) x (# of rooms)*

*If a lead is 100-200 room hotel then # of rooms for that lead is calculated using the average (ex. [100+200]/2=150 room lead)

II. How to customize your company's estimates

๐Ÿ“ˆ Metric

๐Ÿงฎ What is it?

Avg. monthly revenue/100 room hotel

The average monthly revenue for a 100 room property for your company

*This number is use to generate an average per room per month revenue number which is then used as the base to calculate deal size estimates for leads

Avg. lifetime (months)

The average lifetime of a customer in months

Customer lifetime value (CLTV)

*for a 100 room hotel

= avg. monthly revenue * avg. lifetime

Avg. qualified lead-to-close rate

= avg. conversion rate from qualified lead to closed deal

Positive ROI calculation

The number of leads that you need to close to reach positive ROI based on your customized

= estimated lead value / avg. CPL (cost-per-lead)

ex. If your average CPL is $50 and your estimated lead value is $5,000, then you need to close 1/100 (5,000/50) leads to achieve a positive ROI or 1%.

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