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How to customize your campaign templates

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Premium Members can customize review campaign email templates to save time, personalize campaigns and increase conversion rates.   A few things to note about templates: 

  • Each team member has their own templates that they can customize and save to save time and personalize their outreach both for bulk sending and individual review requests

  • Customize the automated bulk send email template to reach out to clients who speak other languages 

  • Use custom templates to run a giveaway campaign right from the Review Manager to thank customers and increase conversion

How do I customize my templates?

Step 1: Vendor dashboard-->Reviews-->Templates
Step 2: Select which template you want to customize
Step 3: Customize your template and press 'Save & publish;'
Step 4: When you launch an automated review campaign or send individual review requests from the vendor dashboard, your personal templates will be used

How to leverage the templates feature to run a giveaway campaign and get more reviews

Please review the guidelines and best practices for running a giveaway campaign.

  1. Upload a csv of the users you want to include in the giveaway campaign

  2. Customize your templates for your automated campaign to include information about your giveaway

  3. Launch your automated campaign in the review manager in the vendor dashboard

  4. As reviews come in, Premium Members can see who the reviewers are in the 'Inbox' tab that is unlocked

  5. Select a winner at random and notify them by responding to their review or emailing the client directly from the review manager

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