With ~30% of our user base in the EU, we have taken measures to ensure vendors remain compliant and data deletion requests are easily accessible. 

Please read the below measures that have been taken to help EU companies ensure GDPR compliance.  

A few important notes

  • Data deletion is easily accessible to users 24/7 via our on-site live chat

  • Not a single user has ever requested data deletion (and likely never will). While compliance steps are important for EU companies to take note of, don't let GDPR scare you away from improving your online reputation and making your life easier using the vendor tools available.

  • Your company's data in the vendor dashboard is 100% private.  Your data belongs to you per our company guidelines and data processing terms and nothing you enter into the 

  • We're here to help.  Should your company require any specific additional measures please reach out via the on-site live chat and the HTR team will try to accommodate your needs.  

The Most Important Thing to Know About GDPR Compliance: User data deletion requests

The key to GDPR compliance for any company is ensuring the ability for users to easily be able to request that their data be deleted.  If you have users who request data deletion from your platform, you are welcome to forward them to HTR or let us know via the 24/7 on-site live chat and we will wipe their data within 24 hours.  Hoteliers can also place requests for data deletion directly through Hotel Tech Report's live chat and we will delete their data as well.  

Companies who want to take extra steps to ensure compliance

Hotel Tech Report is considered a 'data controller' because we don't have a direct relationship with the end user (ie. your customers).  As such, data deletion requests technically would come from your users asking you to delete their data.  Vendors who wish to take additional compliance efforts can do so by adding Hotel Tech Report to their terms of use as a disclosed Data Controller along with the following sentence describing the data usage:
"[company] sends requests through Hotel Tech Report to gather reviews for the purpose of improving our online reputation".

Does my company have to use the Review Manager?

Absolutely not! Companies are welcome to use other methods to gather reviews including in-app messaging, personalized outreach, phone calls to customers and email campaigns.  Gathering reviews is significantly more challenging to track and manage without the review manager but these methods are equally viable and encouraged.  The Review Manager was built to help vendors gather reviews so just understand that off-platform outreach won't receive the benefits of the Review Manager including: tracking, automation, team collaboration, auto-login links and the other features available to help make gathering reviews a breeze.  Should your company decide to try off platform efforts here are a few tips, templates and best practices to help.  

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