Suggesting a New Category
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Think HTR is missing a category and should create a new one?

You've come to the right place.

Remember, categories/taxonomy is the organizing structure for hoteliers to find what they are looking for so it's important that categories:

  • Easy to Understand. Categories should be simple, clear and self explanatory so hoteliers browsing the site can easily understand what it is.

  • Demand for the Category. We create categories based on signals in the market that indicate that hoteliers are looking for this type of product.

  • More than a Category of 1. Please don't reach out asking HTR to create a category just for your company...your request will be denied. The minimum # of products that must be available to create a dedicated category is 10.

  • No Existing Category. If there is a category on HTR that is a synonym or highly similar to the one you are suggesting, we will not create a duplicative category as this can confused users and dilute visibility in a way that is harmful to both buyers and sellers in the marketplace.

We're always looking to improve HTR's taxonomy so please feel free to reach out any time to let us know if you think our taxonomy could be improved or if you think we should add a category if yours fits the above criteria and you would like to submit a request for HTR to consider creating it.

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