Welcome to Hotel Tech Report's sponsored content overview, we're excited to work with you!

We've gotten pretty good at understanding hotel tech buyers (after all we help about 100,000 of them every month) and some have even gone as far as to call us the "Hotel Tech Whisperers".

Our secret? We take technically complex concepts and make them easy to understand for hotel owners and managers.

Before we can get started on your content, we learn about your products, goals and team so we can craft engaging stories for in-market buyers.

Sponsored articles are created in collaboration with vendor partners. These articles are indicated as “sponsored content” and can range from thought leadership to product deep dives.

Short Form Article: 600-800 words, 2 revisions included, 30-day lead time -

Sample short form article:

Long Form Article: 2,000-2,500 words, 20-min ideation call with HTR Editorial (optional), 3 revisions included, 30-day lead time

Sample long form article:


How can I order sponsored content? What's the process?

Our process is super simple and transparent. Complete the sponsored content project brief or ghost written content project brief. Please link to helpful resources and substantiate any claims with data where applicable. Our team will reach out if they have any questions along the way. For long form content, we'll schedule a quick brainstorming call between you and one of our editorial directors but for short form articles our team will just dive in. Once your draft is ready you'll receive a notification via Intercom with a link to the draft via Google Doc. Please make all edits directly in the Google Doc and reply to our team via live chat when your edit suggestions are completed.

How do I know if I have enough balance to order an article?

Follow the steps in this article to get your company ID and check your balance. It will show you how to start an order if you have a balance or add to your balance if needed.

Can HTR write content that I publish on my blog and credit to my leadership team?

Absolutely, all articles may be ordered as "ghost pieces" for the same cost. Ghost pieces are written by our writers but published on your own domain with byline credited to someone on your executive team.

What if I need content produced faster than 30-days?

Rush orders may be initiated for an additional charge to expedite orders in our editorial calendar. You may order a 7 or 14-day rush order for an additional fee. Our team will not expedite orders until payment is complete. Once payment comes through we guarantee the delivery time for your 1st draft or your rush order money back. If you forgot to expedite prior to purchasing you may expedite via the content shop.

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