Premium Member Onboarding Call (1 hour)

Who should be on the call?

  • HTR point person (required): The member of your team that will be the point person and main contact for all things Hotel Tech Report
  • Marketing (optional but encouraged): This is the main marketing contact who oversees content, press releases and promotional opportunities
  • Customer success (optional but encouraged): This contact should oversee account/customer relationships and will be in the loop regarding review collection
  • Product (optional but encouraged): Someone on the team who is familiar with the product and can give a short demo on the call and knows your product roadmap
  • Executive Leadership (optional but encouraged): While not mandatory, having executive leadership on the call can help set the tone for success so that they are familiar with HTR's offerings and what is needed to succeed to provide extra firepower and support if you ever need to nudge the team for help to maximize an initiative, content piece or promotional opportunity

Onboarding call agenda

  1. (15-minutes) Premium Overview: Initial overview of Premium functionality, tools and benefits (we will cover: premium profiles, automated review manager, leads and lead discounts, free press release posting, hosted content, GCSC Support Certification)
  2. (20-minutes) Product Demo: Short product demo to help the HTR get familiar with your product and unique selling propositions and identify unique content opportunities to tell your story in an engaging and authentic way
  3. (15-minutes) Content Strategy Alignment: Road map discussion to help identify strategic and timely opportunities for content coverage and to align around content strategy (if included with your plan)
  4. (10-minutes) Q&A: Open time for any questions that come up

Quarterly Strategy Sessions (aka. Hotel Tech Therapy)

For Premium Members on Growth and Enterprise plans that come with content credits included, you also receive quarterly strategy calls to re-align and map out content strategy for the quarter.  

Who should be on the call?

  • HTR Point Person, marketing and product are all relevant for this call to make sure your team is aligned around how to maximize your content coverage

Hotel Tech Therapy call agenda

  1. Discuss current market position and high level company and category SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) 
  2. Discuss product roadmap, upcoming announcements and timelines
  3. Identify key features, news or topics that will be impactful for your business
  4. Loosely map out your quarterly content plan

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