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Intro to HTR Agency
Intro to HTR Agency

Leverage HTR as an extension of your team to execute turnkey advertising, demand gen and sponsored content campaigns

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What is HTR Agency?

This is the full-service aspect of HTR where companies leverage HTR as an outsourced marketing agency to produce turnkey advertising, sponsored content, and demand gen campaigns to drive you more visibility and leads year round on the platform.

Who do we work with?

HTR Agency has run outbound campaigns for some of the biggest names in tech including: Google, Stripe, Tripadvisor, PwC, Oracle and Matterport.

What Types of Outbound Campaigns Does HTR Agency Run?

You can find campaign types, examples and performance benchmarks for in HTR's Media Kit as well as in Gold & Platinum Membership FAQs. Campaigns include: PPC, CPA, banner, audience re-targeting and more.

Want to Effortlessly Scale Your Marketing On-Demand with No Overhead or Ramp Time?

βœ… Advertising

βœ… Demand Generation

βœ… Sponsored Content

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