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Gold & Platinum Discounted Membership Bundles
Gold & Platinum Discounted Membership Bundles

Package configuration options, process and FAQs

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Gold & Platinum Membership packages include all of the self-service benefits of Silver to drive visibility and leads year round in the HTR App Store -- PLUS THEY ALSO INCLUDE thousands of dollars in flexible HTR Agency Credit that can be used towards full-service outbound campaigns (ex. eblasts, PPC campaigns, sponsored content and more).

Sample Package Configurations

What are the different campaign types that you can use HTR Agency credit towards?

HTR Agency Credit can be used towards full-service media campaigns like dedicated eblasts, PPC campaigns, sponsored content and more. To use your credits, all you need to do is complete the Gold & Platinum Member Intake Form where you'll select the items you'd like included in your package.


Pre-built objective based gold membership package configurations


Pre-built objective based platinum membership package configurations

Onboarding Process & Kickoff

Below are the steps that will happen once you've completed your new member intake form.

  1. Step 1: Watch the explainer video below (5-mins)

  2. Step 2: Complete this new member intake form (2-mins)

  3. Step 3: Schedule your new member onboarding kickoff call

  4. Step 4: HTR creates your 12-month marketing roadmap (view sample execution plan) and gets to work for you πŸš€

Auto-Pilot Campaign Production Process

Our goal is to make your package and campaigns as turnkey and easy to execute as possible. As such, we have designed processes to ensure that we are there to support and guide you each step of the way so your team can kick back, relax and let us do the heavy lifting. Here is an overview of what to expect when you have a campaign coming up:

  1. Campaign Gets Scheduled: After your onboarding call, your campaigns will be scheduled in your HTR Success Checklist which your team can access at any time via Agency > Manage Campaigns in the vendor dashboard (shown here)

  2. 45-Day Notification: 45-days out from your campaign you will receive a notification from our team that its time to place your campaign request for your upcoming campaign within the next 2-weeks (takes ~1 min)

  3. 30-Day Notification: If your team hasn't completed the campaign request form 30-days out from your campaign, HTR will automatically get to work producing your campaign without any input from your team by scanning your website to identify the asset or content that we think will be most compelling for our audience.

Process FAQs

Q1: Why does HTR automatically produce campaigns on your behalf if you haven't submitted your campaign request within 30-days of your campaign?

Please note that once you are within 30-days of your campaign you aren't able to change or reschedule campaigns (since there isn't enough time to change or re-sell your campaign to another client). This automated process to produce your campaign without your input is designed to ensure that you don't lose your campaign that you purchased.

Q2: If you don't submit a campaign request more than 30-days out from your campaign, will you still get revisions?

Yes, you will still receive a draft of your campaign with the ability to provide light revisions. However, you will not be able to change the content of the campaign within 30-days of your campaign (ie. you can't change from promoting an ebook to a different ebook or a webinar for example) since there will not be sufficient time to produce an entirely new campaign.

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NOTE: PPC campaigns have been renamed Site Takeover PPC Campaigns in preparation for the rollout of new PPC campaigns coming in Q2.





Banner advertising (Quarterly)



Banner advertising (Annual)



Eblast campaign



Audience Retargeting (50k impressions)


($70 CPM)


($50 CPM)

Newsletter Sponsorship (1x mo)







Exclusive Site Takeover PPC Campaign (250 clicks)

$18 CPC

$16 CPC

CPA Campaign (100 downloads)







Sponsored Article



Buyer's Guide ebook



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