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Does Lead Credit Expire?
Does Lead Credit Expire?
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Lead Credit that is Purchased

Lead credit that is purchased does not expire as long as your company follows the lead program guidelines. If your company does not follow the lead program guidelines, lead credit that is purchased expires after 18-months.

Membership Package Lead Credit

Lead credit included with membership plans expires upon membership plan expiration. For example, if your company is on an annual membership plan which includes $100 of lead credit, you must use that lead credit within the annual membership period. For companies who follow the lead program guidelines and choose to renew their membership, unused lead credit from prior membership periods will continue to roll over and will not expire.

Gifted Lead Credit

Lead credit that is gifted to vendors for any reason including HTR's welcome offer expires after 1-year. For companies who follow the lead program guidelines gifted lead credit is valid for an additional 6-months (so 18-months total).

Is Lead Credit Refundable?

Lead credit is non-refundable except under the following circumstances (ALL must be true to be eligible for a refund):

  1. Company must be a Premium Member

  2. Company has followed both lead program guidelines (responsive to leads and maintain a strong baseline reputation)

  3. Lead Credit must have been purchased (not gifted or included in membership)

  4. Lead credit must have been purchased more than 12-months ago (and HTR was not able to deliver enough demand for your company to utilize the lead credit which you purchased)

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