Best Places to Work FAQs

With the Hotel Tech Awards on the horizon find out how your company can win one of the most coveted prizes in the industry

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1. Process & Logistics

Mid-way through the annual awards period in mid-October, the employee survey link is sent out to participating companies to share internally with their team and is open through December 15th when the awards period closes and data is frozen and exported to determine winners.

2. Scoring Methodology

Employees will rank their company via the internal survey sent out along the following ranking factors:

Survey Rating Variable



Average rating across completions (1-10)

Satisfaction with management

Average rating across completions (1-10)

Work/life balance

Average rating across completions (1-10)

Career growth opportunities

Average rating across completions (1-10)

Gender equality

Average rating across completions (1-10)

Belief in future of the business

Average rating across completions (1-10)

Participation Rate

Employee votes / # of total employees

3. Minimum Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible to make the list, your company must (1) enter at least one product into the HotelTechAwards (2) have at least 10 employees and (3) have a completion rate/total employee survey response ratio above the following minimum thresholds based on the size of your company size:

Company size

Minimum Completion Requirement

10 - 25 employees

70% completion

26 - 50 employees

50% completion

51 - 100 employees

35% completion

101 - 200 employees

20% completion

>200 employees

15% completion

4. Past Winners:

5. FAQs

Q: What if we participate and don't end up making the list?

Only companies who make the top 10 will be recognized. If you participate and don't make the list there is no downside or mention of your company.

Q: Are survey results made public?

No, results of the employee surveys remain private and anonymous. If your company's management would like to receive your team's employee survey results they may request an anonymize dataset. Aggregate anonymized results can be shared but will not be shared anywhere else or posted publicly.

Q: Why are survey results anonymized?

Survey results are anonymized to ensure that employees have a safe place to share real honest feedback about their place of work.

Q: When are are the top 10 announced?

On January 1st, the top 10 firms as determined by the internal surveys will be notified and the public announcement will be made in tandem with the public announcement for product category winners on Jan 15.

Q: How can I request anonymized survey results to improve my company culture?

You can fill out this form to request survey results. Premium members will receive anonymized results in 2-3 business days and basic members will receive results within 2-3 weeks.

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