The most important drivers of the HT Score are verified customer reviews (both quantity and quality) so that is the most important thing to focus on when getting started improving your reputation on Hotel Tech Report.

Head to your vendor dashboard to access your Reputation Report Card to get quick tips to improve your rankings and reputation.

Get Quick Tips to Improve Your Rankings, Reputation & Visibility via the Reputation Report Card in the Vendor Dashboard

For variables with milestones at various checkpoints, the Reputation Report Card checklist in your dashboard will always show you your next milestone (related article: Reputation Report Card Grades & Milestones) to reach where you will earn more points.

As you reach milestones you will see the progress meter show X/Y complete and the next milestone will appear until you reach the final milestone after which the checkbox will be marked as fully complete in the checklist since you have earned max points for that variable.

Quality Signal Variable Milestones

🌏 Global Reach

Maximum points: Get 5+ reviews from 7 or more countries

Milestones at: 3, 5 and 7 countries. (👀 See in dashboard)

📞 Certified Support

Maximum points: Achieve the Level IV certification

Milestones at: Level I, II, III & IV (👀 See in dashboard)

🤝 Partner Recommendations

Maximum points: Get 15 or more partner recommendations

Milestones at: 5, 10 and 15 recommendations (👀 See in dashboard)

🔌 Integrated Vendor

Maximum points: Become the product with the most verified integrations

Milestones at: Reach the category avg verified integrations (👀 See in dashboard)

👬 Company Resources

Maximum points: Grow your team to 150 employees

Milestones at: 15 employees (👀 See in dashboard)

Company Staying Power

Maximum points: 8-years in business

Milestones at: 3-years in business (👀 See in dashboard)

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