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Let's start out with what the Hotel Tech Score is NOT...

  • It is not a score given by Hotel Tech Report

  • It is not influenced by the analysis or opinions of anyone at Hotel Tech Report

  • It is not intended to place judgement on vendors

So what is the Hotel Tech Score?

  • A metric to simplify and quantify the feedback generated by verified users

  • A way to simplify discovery for hoteliers

  • A way for vendors with great products to stand out from the rest

A simple analogue to understand the usefulness and purpose of the Hotel Tech Score is Google's search algorithm.  The purpose of Google is to help its users find relevant information faster.  As such, their algorithm (called Page Rank) factors in dozens of metrics (called signals) ranging from the user's personal information (ie. their location) to site quality  (ex. how many credible websites link to you).  These signals mean that when you search for the generic term coffee shop, Google can deliver a result to you that is both near your location and has lots of prominent critics linking to the shop so you know it is high quality.

At Hotel Tech Report, our purpose is to leverage verified user feedback to bring transparency to the hotel tech buying process and enable hoteliers to easily discover the best technologies for their hotel.  As such, the factors (or signals) that we use to determine vendors' Hotel Tech Scores are highly dependent on a each vendor's reviews in the platform and are published to our help center so we practice what we preach and provide transparency.

How the Hotel Tech Score is Calculated
How to improve your Hotel Tech Score
Get notified when adjustments are made to the Hotel Tech Score

At Hotel Tech Report, we strongly believe that great products sell themselves, and that there's no better sales team than satisfied customers.  The Hotel Tech Score is a way for companies with great products to quantify the voice of their satisfied customers and stand out from competitors with products that customers don't love.

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