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Case study verifications: What should I do if my client says they aren't receiving verification emails?
Case study verifications: What should I do if my client says they aren't receiving verification emails?
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At HotelTechReport, we understand the importance of smooth and efficient collaboration between tech companies and hoteliers in developing verified case studies. To ensure the integrity and accuracy of our case studies, we have established a clear policy for situations where hoteliers claim they have not received the case study verification link.

  1. Submission of Proof: If a hotelier has not received the case study verification email, they are required to complete a dedicated form provided by HotelTechReport. This form serves as an official request for manual verification.

  2. Written Proof Requirement: Along with the form, the hotelier must submit written proof of their attempt to verify the case study or evidence showing that they have not received the verification email. This proof must come directly from the hotelier involved.

  3. Email Domain Verification: It is mandatory for the hotelier to use a professional email domain that matches the one provided in the case study. This requirement is crucial for validating the authenticity of the request and the identity of the hotelier.

  4. Screenshot Guidelines: The hotelier must provide a full-screen, unedited screenshot of the email thread related to the case study verification. This screenshot should clearly display the email address, date, and content of the correspondence to ensure complete transparency.

  5. Submission for Manual Verification: Once the form and necessary proof are submitted, HotelTechReport will manually verify the case study. This process is thorough to maintain the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in our case studies.

  6. Exclusivity for Premium Members: Please note that this manual verification process is exclusively available to our premium members. This service is part of our commitment to offering enhanced support and services to our valued premium clients.

We at HotelTechReport are dedicated to ensuring that all case studies are accurate, verified, and beneficial for both tech companies and hoteliers. This policy is in place to address any discrepancies promptly and effectively, maintaining the trust and quality that our platform is known for.

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