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What is the Primary/Default Profile Field?
What is the Primary/Default Profile Field?
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After lots of feedback from companies wanting to have a way to showcase their entire suite of capabilities (instead of point solutions), the April 2023 profile redesign brings company level information, content and data into product profiles to showcase a more holistic view of vendor capabilities while still maintaining product/category specific content and reviews.

The primary/default profile is a way to tell the HTR app which of your products is the main product that your company is most well known for. This is used for two things:

  1. Fallback Inter-linking: Anytime your company is mentioned throughout the site (in a way that is not related to a specific product) it will route links to this primary profile for your company.

  2. Page Ranking: HTR defines one of your product profiles as the rel canonical to index it as the primary profile in Google SERP to help your profiles rank higher in search results, attract more visibility and ensure that your most recognizable and well-known product is the most visible and prominent to buyers

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