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Boost Your Rankings with Review Consistency
Boost Your Rankings with Review Consistency

The HT Score incentivizes companies who have organic customer centric processes embedded within their culture and organization.

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Consistency is a Signal of Customer Centric Processes

Over time the HT Score continues identify and incentivize companies who collect reviews organically as a part of their ongoing organizational process. One of the ways the algorithm detects organic review collection is via review consistency

1. Embedding Organic Review Collection Into Your Processes

Whether you're trying to optimize your presence year round to stimulate visibility, build your reputation and generate more leads or if you're looking to improve your chances of wining in the annual HotelTechAwards--shifting more to an organic approach to review collection & reputation building (vs all out blitz/scramble at the end of the year to try to win in the awards) is extremely beneficial for your team to:

2. A Few of the Benefits of Organic Review Collection for Your Team

  • ⏰ Save putting review collection in autopilot

  • 🏝️ Reduce collecting reviews organically vs via burst last minute large scale campaigns

  • 👀 Boost improving consistency to drive up your HT Score/rankings

  • ❤️ Customer centric culture...Guide your team to be more customer centric

3. Best Practices for Implementing Organic Review Collection Into Your Team's Processes

Divide and conquer

Rather than tasking a single person with review collection, diving responsibility to have each team member reach out to their accounts/relationships makes it so that review collection is automated and a breeze.

Set tangible/feasible small goals

Let's say your team has 10 customer success/account managers. If each were to even 1 review per month (a very small and manageable goal), it would mean that each year you would be collecting 120 reviews in autopilot as a baseline. Whether you're looking to bolster your consistency to improve your rankings to drive more leads or get a leg up in the annual HotelTechAwards competition, this will be a massive advantage.

Embed KPIs for accountability

Team's get busy so often it helps to add a KPI into performance reviews to instill accountability. And adding something like 1 review per quarter seems really small and feasible but as you can see when multiplied across team members over time accrues dramatically.

4. The 3 questions to ask in order to implement organic and sustainable review collection processes are:



Where in the user journey does it make the most sense to leave a review?

ex. after 3-months of product usage? After leaving NPS internal feedback? etc

What is the best method to reach out to customer?

ex. Automated email request? Quarterly campaign through the Review Manager? Personal outreach from account managers/customer success team? etc

What is a reasonable and extremely feasible goal/KPI to set for team members to help divide and conquer that can be included in their performance assessment to create an incentive and accountability?

ex. Each account manager is tasked with getting 1 review per month from a user at one of their hotels

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