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Dedicated Eblast FAQs
Dedicated Eblast FAQs
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How does the process work?

Once you purchase your eblast, you will be sent an onboarding email with next steps which includes a submission form to submit your eblast copy, graphic, downloadable asset and CTA which for HTR to put into our promotional template.

Once you submit the content of your eblast, HTR will implement it into HTR's tried and true promotional email template for your team to review. We will also include notes/feedback to ensure that the eblast is effectively crafted for our audience to make sure your team is setup for success.

Do I have to implement HTR's feedback?

In most cases the answer is no. While our feedback is recommended to improve the effectiveness of your campaign, in most cases it is optional and it is up to your team whether you would like to implement it or not. That said, in some cases if an email is inappropriate for HTR's audience or we believe poses a threat to email database health and unsubscribes, we may require revisions to be made to certain elements of the email to make it more engaging and trustworthy. This is very rare and we will give you clear direction if it is the case.

What if we purchased the design services add-on?

If you purchased design services with your e-blast (+$1500), your team will have the opportunity to send along any notes, feedback on general direction or brand guidelines you need us to follow prior to concept development. Then HTR will produce the creative for your campaign within 2-weeks of purchase. Included in design services are:

2x Low Fidelity Concepts

HTR creates two unique concepts for your campaign that are sent along for your team to choose one.

Initial Feedback

Your team chooses one of the campaigns for HTR to develop further and you provide initial feedback for HTR to implement into the high fidelity version.

1x High Fidelity Final Version

HTR fleshes out the concept of your choice, implements your feedback/revisions, creates graphic design elements and develops the email in HTML for your team to review and approve.

1x Revisions Round

Your team will be able to provide additional feedback on the final version with 1x round of revisions included (feedback and changes on final version must be clear and precise in order for our team to implement).

Additional Revisions

Additional revision rounds are offered at $250/revision

Additional Concepts

Additional concepts can be developed at $750/concept (includes 1x round of revisions)

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