Hotel Tech Report offers strategic advisory services for companies looking to dive deep into the market, get advice on their strategy and tap into HTR's knowledge and network. All strategy consulting and advisory hours are performed by Hotel Tech Report's CEO.

Common Advisory Topics:

  • Market Entry Strategy...for companies who offer products in other verticals and are looking to launch their tech product into the hospitality industry

  • Go to Market Strategy...for companies who want to get advice on their go-to-market strategy for a new hotel tech product they are launching in market

  • Geographic Expansion Advisory...for companies who are having difficulty expanding geographically and are looking for strategic advice ranging from content to strategic partners and local market positioning

  • Branding & Positioning Strategy...for companies looking to develop or reposition their brand to resonate more effectively with buyers and differentiate from the competition

  • M&A Advisory...for companies looking to acquire companies in the hotel tech space who are looking for deal flow, introductions* and strategic planning

  • Investor Advisory...for venture capitalists, angel investors and corporate M&A teams focused on the hotel tech space who are looking for introductions, deal flow and strategic advisory services

  • Networking & Introductions*...for companies looking to connect with strategic partners, investors and other stakeholders in the hotel tech community

  • General Consulting/Custom Strategy...discuss the current market and competitive landscape to help your team understand the market and inform their strategy

Based on your project's needs, HTR offers both recurring or on-demand consulting hours for one-off projects. Consulting services are offered based on availability and start at $250/hour.

Advisory Hours

Basic Member Hourly

Premium Member Hourly

5 Hours



10 Hours



20 Hours




How do I purchase HTR strategic advisory hours?

Click here to tell us more about your project and check current availability for advisory consulting services.

How do introductions work for companies HTR provides advisory services for?

Advisory consulting services are for advice and strategic insights and while introductions are commonly made as a result of advisory calls they are not guaranteed and should not be considered part of the advisory offering. In order to maintain strong value add relationships in the community, introductions are made on a case-by-case basis based on the sole discretion of the advisor pending strong strategic fit for both parties

Can we request specific deliverables from our advisory hours?

Additional deliverables, analysis and custom reports may be added to advisory services on a case-by-case basis and will be scoped after your company's initial 45-minute project scoping advisory call (included for free with purchase of advisory hours).

What happens after I purchase consulting hours?

Once you purchase advisory consulting hours with Hotel Tech Report our team will reach out to schedule your 30-minute advisory client onboarding call. This call is not considered billable time and is just cover a high level overview of your current roadmap and challenges as well as your goals for your advisory hours. If you would like to discuss and scope additional project deliverables these will be discussed on your onboarding call as well.

Will Hotel Tech Report accept equity in exchange for advisory shares?

No, HTR is not able to accept equity in your company in exchange for advisory shares.

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