Hotel Tech Report offers a 2-sided referral program for companies who invite their partners to Hotel Tech Report which includes a reward for both the invitee and the invited company which includes:

  • THEY GET 👉 Free product listing ($250 value)

  • YOUR GET👉 Rewarded for any referrals who upgrade to any annual Premium Membership plan within 90-days of receiving your invitation

💸 Referral Rewards + How it Works

When one of your invited companies upgrades to any annual Premium Membership package within 90-days of your invitation, you will receive a notification from HTR to choose between an invitee referral reward (for you, the invitee) or a company reward (for your company).

Invitee Incentive

Company Incentive

1st Referral

💸 $100 gift card

💸 $150 lead credit

2nd Referral

💸 $150 gift card

💸 $200 lead credit

3rd Referral

💸 $200 gift card

💸 $500 in advertising credit

4th Referral & Beyond...

💸 $250 gift card

💸 Free sponsored article

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