Its important to remember that the Reputation Report Card is not hotelier facing, it is solely a tool for your team to use internally to get tips on the reputation health of your products on Hotel Tech Report.

Below are the milestones to reach for each grade level based on their importance to maximizing your profile reputation and trustworthiness to buyers:

Reputation Grade

Milestones required


+ Get 25 reviews


+ Reach the category minimum review threshold

+ Rank in the top 10 in your category

+ Meet the average verified integrations for your category

+ Get 5 partner recommendations


+ Achieve 22/25 (~90%) customer satisfaction ratings

+ Rank in the top 5 in your category

+ Get more >5 reviews from users in 3 countries

+ Achieve the Level I GCSC Customer Support Certification


+ Get 10 reviews in the trailing 6-months

Rank in the top 3 in your category

+ Get more >5 reviews from users in 7 countries

+ Achieve the Level II GCSC Customer Support Certification

+ Get 15 partner recommendations

+ Stay in business for 3 years

+ Grow your team to 16 employees


+ Rank #1 in your category

+ Become the most reviewed product in your category

+ Become the most integrated product in the category

+ Achieve the Level III GCSC Customer Support Certification

+ Stay in business for 8 years

+ Grow your team to 150 employees

* Milestones are incremental so each grade includes all items from the previous grade plus new milestones. The table below shows the milestones required for each grade

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