Below are 4-easy steps to get started improving your presence on HTR. The single most important thing to remember as you're getting started is that the entire HTR platform is built to drive the most value, visibility and leads to the products which have the best reputation amongst hoteliers which is why reviews are the single most critical factor to your success.

Not only do hoteliers come to HTR to discover and vet the best products for their hotels based on what similar hoteliers like them most recommend by reading unbiased verified hotelier reviews--but your reviews also drive your HT Score, rankings, visibility and lead volumes on the site helping you drive more visibility and leads year round.


  1. Step 1: Gain Visibility in Your Core Categories

  2. Step 2: Customize Your Profiles

  3. Step 3: Collect Reviews to Improve Your Presence

  4. Step 4: Optimize Your Presence to Drive More Visibility & Leads

I. Step 1: Gain Visibility in Your Core Categories

Make sure you have basic listings in each of your core categories to gain visibility in them and be able to collect reviews and attract leads. Helpful links:

II. Step 2: Customize Your Profiles

Once you have your basic profiles, you can customize them with basic information and integrations. Helpful links:

III. Step 3: Collect Reviews to Improve Your Rankings

The main driver of your success on the platform is reviews which improve your reputation, boost your rankings and in turn drive more visibility and leads.

IV. Step 4: Optimize Your Presence to Drive More Visibility & Leads

Follow the Coaching Tips in your Reputation Report card to further optimize your presence to generate more visibility and leads:

Why Reviews Are Critical to Your Success on HTR

Before you start collecting reviews, its important to make sure you understand why reviews are so critical to your success on HTR. In short, your reputation is directly correlated with the two primary drivers of value creation on HTR, outbound (sales enablement) and inbound (demand gen).

  • Outbound (Sales Enablement): Once you have a strong reputation on HTR, your team can start leveraging your profiles for sales enablement to build trust with prospects and stand out from the competition in your outbound prospecting, sales pitches and marketing collateral

  • Inbound (Demand Generation): As you improve your reputation, your HT Score and rankings will improve driving your profiles more visibility as well as direct and matched leads

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