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4-things you should do right away to improve your presence to drive more visibility & leads

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The single most important thing to remember as you're getting started is that the entire platform is designed to drive the most value and visibility to the products that come most recommended by hoteliers which is why reviews are the single most critical factor to your success.

Below are 4-easy steps to setup and optimize your presence to start generating visibility and leads via the HTR platform with our audience of 290k+ monthly hoteliers who come to find the best digital products to run and grow their hotel businesses.

4-Easy Steps to Setup and Optimize Your Presence to Start Generating Visibility & Leads


Setup Your Profiles

List your products and modules to become discoverable and be able to start generating leads in your target categories.


Fill in basic product info

Once you've listed your products, you can customize them from the profile editor.


Collect Reviews to Improve Your Rankings

Monitor your presence via the Reputation Report Card and collect reviews to improve your reputation and generate more visibility and leads.


Follow Best Practices to Setup Your Lead Funnel and Convert More Leads

Generating more leads is great but if you aren't responsive you will dramatically decrease lead engagement and success rates so its absolutely critical to follow HTR's recommended best practices (especially for leads who reach out to multiple vendors and the other vendors are responsive and follow best practices)

Looking for more ways to educate buyers, build your brand and grow your install base via the HotelTechReport platform and our audience of 250k+ monthly hoteliers?

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