Each automated campaign has 2-emails that are sent in the sequence, the initial outreach email and the 7-day followup (for users who don't leave a review after the initial request).

Below are two pre-written campaign templates that you can copy/paste into the review manager or into your email marketing tool to use as a base for your review campaign copy to save time.

Email template #1: Initial campaign outreach template

Hi {{first_name}},

I was just thinking about {{hotel}} and thought I'd reach out to checkin and see how you're doing?

We're also running a campaign that I thought might be of interest for you where we're giving away 3 x $100 gift cards to hoteliers who leave a review about [insert-your-company-name] between now and the end of the month in case you’re interested and have 5-minutes to spare.

It's a tough time for us all in the hotel industry so our CEO [insert-your-ceos-name] thought this might be a nice way to help gather feedback to improve our product for clients while also putting some money in hoteliers' pockets during this difficult time.

Let me know if there's anything we can do to help or if you just want to hop on a call to catch up.

Stay safe and have a great day!




Email template #2: 7-day campaign followup template

Hi {{first_name}},

I just wanted to checkin and see if you got my email from last week about the giveaway we’re running.

If you have 5-minutes to spare we’re giving away [3 x $100 Amazon gift cards] to hoteliers who leave a review between now and [June 15th].

Everyone in our industry is hurting so we thought this might be a nice way to help out some of our clients while also gathering some feedback to improve the [insert-your-company] product and service offering.

Hope you’re off to a great week and appreciate your help in advance.



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