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How to Unlock Matched Leads
How to Unlock Matched Leads

Vendors need to have a trustworthy profile with at least 25-reviews to be able to connect with matched leads

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  • There are two types of leads on HTR, direct and matched

  • You can accept direct leads regardless of your reputation

  • To unlock matched leads however, you need a trustworthy profile

  • HTR guarantees to hoteliers that any matches will have a trustworthy profiles and come highly recommended by other hoteliers in the community

  • As you improve your reputation, you'll generate more (and better) leads

As a reminder, matched leads are hoteliers who have asked HTR to recommend products in their category of interest based on what similar hoteliers recommend.

Since matches are made based on reviews in the platform, you likely won't get many (if any) without a strong reputation. That said, even without reviews there is a chance of generating matched leads (if other products in the category don't have a lot of reviews from the user's segment).

It's important to remember that matched leads haven't asked for info from your company specifically, but rather they've opted to connect with top matches to help them in their search.

When they opt-in, HTR guarantees to them that only credible and trustworthy vendors can reach out who have a minimum of 25 verified reviews for their product in the hoteliers category of choice.

"HTR guarantees to hoteliers who opt-in to connect with matches that HTR will only connect them with credible and trustworthy vendors who have a minimum of 25 verified reviews for their respective product in the hoteliers category of interest."

This minimum requirement is in place not only to protect buyers and ensure stronger matches, but also to make sure that vendors are setup for success when you're connected with potential matches since the first thing hoteliers typically do when a match reaches out to them is lookup the vendor's profiles on HTR (aka. if they don't see a strong reputation they likely won't even respond to your outreach).

The good news is that reviews are easy to collect and even early stage startups can easily collect the 25 needed to achieve a trustworthy profile and unlock matched leads.

💡 TIP #1: Need help collecting reviews? Check out our Review Collection Started Kit

💡 TIP #2: Make sure your product has at least 25 reviews to unlock matched leads and be able to connect with in market buyers looking for solutions in your category.

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