If you see the 'leads are disabled' in the lead inbox in your dashboard it means that direct leads are disabled and hoteliers cannot request information about your products and services on Hotel Tech Report (ie. no direct leads).

Here are the areas where you will lose direct lead capture opportunities:

  • On profile lead capture: Hoteliers cannot request price quotes or demos from your profiles

  • Suggestions slide out: Products won't be promoted/visible to hoteliers requesting info in your category

  • Hidden from RFP flow: Your products will not be visible in the RFP flow for hoteliers to add you to their consideration set in RFP requests

  • Alternatives CTAs: Hoteliers won't be able to request info on alternatives pages for your products


Why am I still seeing matched leads appear in our dashboard?

You may still see new matched leads appear in your lead inbox since these hoteliers were matched and did not directly request information from your company.

Can I turn off the lead notifications for matched leads?
If you would like to stop receiving notifications about potential matches, you can toggle off the 'lead notifications' under settings-->notifications-->lead notifications.

How can I re-activate direct leads so we start capturing them again?

If you would like to re-activate direct leads/lead capture for your account, please contact HTR via the live chat.

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