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Role: PR Teams + Content Marketers
Role: PR Teams + Content Marketers

Responsibilities: Posting content to stay top of mind (press releases, guest posts, hosted reports)

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ROLE #3: Content Owners

Responsibilities: Manage your content

There are 3 types of content to focus on when it comes to Hotel Tech Report: press releases, hosted reports and content credits (+syndication).  Having one owner of content enables them to have a holistic view of your strategy to optimize your visibility, presence and posting. 

  • Recommended owner: Content marketing manager or PR team

  • Time commitment: ~5 hours/year

✅ Content owners checklist

  • (Quarterly) Decide on if you want to use your Premium credits for content or leads (~15 mins/quarter)

  • (One time) Upload hosted reports so you can capture downloads (~20 mins)

  • (Quarterly) Rotate out your hosted reports for any new content you have developed internally (~15 mins/quarter)

  • (Quarterly) Export your content downloads from the dashboard and add them to your newsletter mailing list (~30 mins)

  • (Monthly) Upload press releases to share your latest news (~10 mins/month)

▶️ Helpful tutorials for content owners

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