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Content package process and timeline
Content package process and timeline
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Hotel Tech Report's content packages are designed to keep your brand, company and products top of mind year round with our audience of 160,000+ hoteliers each month through engaging and unique content carefully crafted to meet your teams goals and get the word out about your latest and greatest.

Our goal is to make your content package as turnkey as possible so that after the initial diligence and planning phases, minimal effort is required on the part of your team so you can 'set it and forget it' and let us do the heavy lifting.

Below is an outline of the process, deliverables and what to expect after you purchase a content package.

Step 1: Kickoff strategy call

After purchasing your content package, you will receive an onboarding email with a link to schedule your kickoff strategy call. The goal of this call is to learn about your business' upcoming roadmap and milestones so that we can identify the topics and timing to produce your content plan.  This first call should be with a member or members of your team who are familiar with product, sales and marketing goals and ideally should be a member of your c-suite or executive team who can share high level insights and forward looking milestone that will influence the production and quality of your content plan.

  • Deliverable #1: Call reference notes and outline used to inform the creation of your content plan (provided immediately following your content call)

  • Deliverable #2: Content plan mapping out the sequence and topics for each of the articles included in your annual package (prepared within 2-weeks of your onboarding call) 

  • Deliverable #3: Setup shared Slack channel for streamlined communication and collaboration (optional)

Step 2: Product demo with your team

After the kickoff strategy call, we will have a better understanding of high level details including your company's goals and roadmap that serve as the foundation for creating your content plan.  The other critical item that we need from your team is to schedule a product demo call.  

  • Who should be on the call? Someone who has a holistic perspective of the product, use cases and unique functionality.  Ideally this should be a member of the c-suite or executive team who knows the product inside and out and will be ready for more than a scripted sales demo and able to engage in a productive dialogue about use cases, value proposition and competitive positioning/differentiation of the product.  If possible, it is also helpful to have a member of the team on the call who has former hotelier experience and can speak to the 'before-and-after' perspective of what the life of a hotelier without the product looks like, and how specifically the product changes their workflows, efficiency and performance.

  • What is the purpose? The purpose is for HTR to develop a deeper understanding of the product including typical use cases, unique selling propositions (USPs), differentiators and unique/noteworthy features to help identify aspects of the product that we believe will resonate most with our audience to enrich the quality of your sponsored content.  

  • What will we cover and what to prepare? First 15-minutes of the call should be a high level product demo going through core features, functionality and the general interface (you may also send pre-recorded demo ahead of time to shorten the call). This will be followed by 10-minutes of 'show-and-tell' where we want to see any unique or unusual features that you believe differentiate your product.  And finally we will spend the remainder of the call (20-30 minutes) on Q&A where HTR will ask targeted questions based on the proposed content plan for aspects of the product that will be helpful to have to inform content creation. 

Key questions we'll want to cover in the call: 

  1. What happens after I sign the contract (onboarding/implementation)?

  2. Pricing and relative to comps (even if don’t mention so we can give relative benchmark...pricing is important to buyers!)

  3. User journey/"day in the life of"

  4. Most popular/value add features

  5. Without the software, what were hoteliers doing before (paint the picture)

  6. ROI framing

  7. 2-3 customers we can follow-up with to for a 15-minute phone call about their experience with the software

Step 3: Content plan feedback and approval

After the kickoff strategy call, Hotel Tech Report will work on putting together a custom content plan based on the information shared during the call.  This plan will include a clear and concise map of each article including the topic, timeline/sequence and rationale for decisions.

Step 4: Quarterly (or as-needed) checkins

We know that your business, product and goals are in constant flux and what may have been optimal when you first approved your content plan may no longer be next quarter or the quarter after as we are generating your annual content.  Therefore, we offer quarterly or as-needed checkin calls to touch base and regroup on the next sponsored content scheduled on your plan to make sure nothing has changed as well as to circle up on any materials we may need, or questions we have, to proceed with production.  This allows us to have a planned cadence that requires minimal involvement from your team, but provides us with an opportunity to checkin and gather feedback to continue improving and optimizing your content.

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