Why is another vendor showing on my profile?

If another vendor is showing on your profile, it means that you don't have any customer reviews yet.  Given that our user base of hotel tech buyers is interested in products that have verified customer feedback to help them in their research and decision making process--this UX element is simply geared to make it easier for them to do so.  If your profile doesn't have reviews, that means it doesn't have the core content hotel tech buyers are looking for when they come to Hotel Tech Report and as such, your profile won't have much visibility on the site. 

Can I pay to get this removed from my profile?

No.  This placement is built to help users find reviewed products more easily.  

If I can't pay, how do I get it removed?

The only thing you need to do (and the only thing to do) in order to remove this is provide users with what they are looking for, verified customer reviews.  Once you have 3 reviews on your profile, this section helping guide users to a profile in your category with more reviews will automatically disappear.  

How do I start getting reviews?

Here are the top 2 easiest and most effective review campaign strategies that top vendors have leveraged to generate massive amounts of reviews with minimal setup time.  

Need help getting started on your first review campaign?

Reach out to us via the 24/7 live chat on Hotel Tech Report for more assistance.

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