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Why can't I change certain items on my company's profile?
Why can't I change certain items on my company's profile?
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There are a few things we don’t let vendors change for security purposes to protect vendor reputations:

  1. Company Name: We hope vendors won’t be malicious but for example this is to protect a situation where a competitor wants to damage your reputation and could change their profile name to your company and put bad/misleading info on there.  Again, we don’t think people would do this but just to be extra safe to protect our vendors’ reputations we require it to be changed by an admin.

  2. Employee Count: This is pulled from LinkedIn and ensures that companies aren't able to inflate their numbers.  

  3. Category: Ensures that all companies meet the criteria to be placed in a specific category on Hotel Tech Report to maintain usability for hotel tech buyers.

  4. Location: Some vendors list locations that aren't correct to make their company look more appealing to buyers in other markets, this ensures that vendors provide their accurate location so as to not mislead buyers.

Want to change one of these items?
Write to us via the 24/7 live chat on Hotel Tech Report and a representative will happily update any of them for you once verified.

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