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Claim your company's listings on Hotel Tech Report in 3 easy steps.

Updated over a week ago

New product profiles will be spun up within 48-hours of completing the new product registration form and you will receive a notification email.  Once they are live, head to any of your company's profiles and press the 'claim profile' button shown below.

Step 1: Click the claim profile button in the top right corner of one of your company's product profiles

Step 2: Your access request will be reviewed and approved to ensure that you are a valid employee of the company and you will be sent a notification email within 48-hours

Want to claim multiple product profiles for your company?

If your company has multiple product profiles (or you would like to create and claim multiple profiles) claim one profile first.  Then, after you receive access to that profile, we will reach out with information about gaining access to your additional product profiles.

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