Once you've claimed your company's free profile on Hotel Tech Report, you'll easily be able to send review invitations right from the profile editor to boost your visibility and give hotel tech buyers more confidence in your products and services. 

Here's how it works

Step 1: Login to Hotel Tech Report
Step 2: Go to your profile
Step 3: Press 'edit profile' or 'get reviews' in the slide out widget
Step 4: Go to the 'reviews' tab
Step 5: Enter customer emails and press send

Your customers will then receive an email from you inviting them to review your company on Hotel Tech Report:

"Thanks for being a valued customer.  I recently signed up for Hotel Tech Report to find new customers.  An anonymous review from you would really help grow our business and improve our product."

If invitees don't click 'review', they are automatically sent on a drip campaign with reminders 3 and 7 days later so once you press send the campaign is in autopilot.

Here is what the initial review invitation email will look like:

Plus, the more customers you invite, the higher your HotelTechScore!

Still have questions?

Reach us any time via the live chat on our website or by emailing us at partnerships@hoteltechreport.com

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